Majority of the Americans are in favor of Regulating Altered Videos and Images on Internet [Survey]

Video sites like YouTube are a major source of news for Americans and the increased rate of deepfakes or manipulated videos is worrisome for many. The new Pew Research Center survey shows that many of the Americans find these altered videos a huge problem and think that action should be taken against it to control it.

According to 63 percent of the Americans, altered videos and images create immense confusion regarding the current events and trends. 27 percent of the participants think some confusion is created with these altered videos and images whereas, only one out of ten said that a little or no confusion is created because of these videos.

About three-quarters of Americans favor steps to restrict altered content

Around 77 percent of the US adults involved in the survey think actions should be taken to control altered videos and images that are a source of much confusion. Contrary to this, 22 percent believe people should have the right to publish whatever they want.

66 percent of the Americans have seen a misleading altered video or photo at least once, 15 percent often get to see manipulated imagery whereas 33 percent have rarely or never came across altered content.

61 percent of U.S. adults think the public should not be expected to recognize altered videos and images on internet

Recognizing an altered clip or image may not be possible for everyone, therefore 61 percent of Americans think people should not be expected to know whether the image or video is altered or not. While 38 percent said the general public should be capable of identifying alerting images or videos.

Majority of the Americans, about 53 percent said they can tell when an image or video is altered but 46 percent said they can’t always recognize the manipulation.

Democrats and Republicans, both believe that videos and images that are altered should be controlled. 61 percent of the Republicans and 62 percent of the Democrats agree that the public should not be expected to recognize these altered videos or images themselves. 68 percent of the Republicans are of the view that such videos and images create much confusion among people, whereas only 60 percent Democrats think the same.

The survey was conducted from Feb. 19 to March 4, 2019.

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