Twitter is Reportedly Working on a New Notifications Design to Reduce Confusion!

It looks like Twitter is testing some design changes. It has become quite common for Social Media services to experiment on their designs, features and whatnot. You never know what becomes so hit with the users that the entire platform gets impacted (in a positive way of course) and Twitter is the next in line to test this theory.

Renowned Social Media Code Hacker, Jane Manchun Wong recently posted a tweet, according to which Twitter is working on a “quoted-tweet style notification” for Android. She also shared a screenshot that gave us a glimpse of the new notification style.

According to this change, when a user (or multiple people) like a tweet, then in the notifications section, the tweeter will be able to see the tweet quoted along with the people who have liked it. The reason behind this change can be to reduce confusion, especially for those Twitter users who post multiple tweets that garner high engagement.

Twitter is testing quoted-tweet style notification on mobile so it looks less confusing

Most of the people who have come to know about this news have reacted in favor of it. In addition to that, a few iOS users claim that they have already spotted the feature on their devices, but it doesn’t work with every tweet currently.

So, it is safe to assume that Twitter is serious about this change and is not only testing it but also rolling it out to select users to check the feedback. It remains to be seen when the Social Networking service plans on making it public to all users, but it can be said that the demand is high.

Stay tuned for further developments in this story!

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