Twitter's First Quarter Results for this year Managed to Exceed all Expectations, even with monthly active users Stumbling!

As the first quarter of 2019 is finally behind us, Twitter has recently released its results for the first 3 months of this year. The revenue was totaled near $787 million (an impressive 18% improvement over last year). In addition to that, the net income came in at $191 million with an earnings per share of $0.25. Even after that, the performance of monthly active users (MAUs) wasn’t up to the mark. However, it wouldn’t matter much as MAUs will not be considered in a few months. MAUs for the first quarter were although more than those for 2018’s last quarter, the number was less when compared to 2018’s Q1 results.

Twitter monthly active users = 330 million

This is why Twitter is working on a new metric i.e. Monetizable daily active users. The numbers for this metric in the last quarter were 134 million, which is an 11% increase from last year’s first quarter.

Twitter: Number of monetizable daily active users worldwide Q1 2019

Twitter clearly exceeded all the expectations this time (financially). While analysts estimated a fairly large target for this quarter, Twitter ended up pushing the boundaries. As for pre-market trading, shares have increased by 7.15 percent so far.

Now that the Social Networking Service has managed to score big numbers, it is high time it turns all the attention to issues that needs to be addressed. Two of the areas with huge room for improvement currently are:

1. People’s ability to use Twitter when it gets cluttered or noisy.

2. Regulation of content to make the platform safe for all types of users.

A new prototype app which goes by the name, twttr, has been tasked with taking care of the first issue while for regulating content, Twitter has been working proactively to take down harmful content and improve the reporting process, so users can feel comfortable while submitting a report. These improvements have helped Twitter in such a way that it is now removing 2.5 times more violating content than before.

Coming back to the financials, Twitter has made it clear that the current quarter is the final one where monthly active users will be reported. After that, the new metric (Monetizable daily active users) will start getting considered as it has the potential to paint a better picture of Twitter’s growth as a business.

Another interesting thing to be noted is that most of Twitter’s generated revenue comes through advertising. Out of the $787 million generated in the last quarter, $679 million came from advertising. Moreover, advertising has now become more effective, thanks to video. More information will be revealed with the call.

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