3D images and AR integration are now available in Google mobile search Results

At Google I/O a couple of weeks ago, the tech giant announced support for 3D images and AR within search and that feature is live now.

Internet users can search for a lot of objects including furniture and animals in 3D form, and then merge them into their environments with AR.

It actually works quite in a simple way.

To use it, just search for those type of objects as mentioned above in your mobile browser (iPhone or Android).

Scroll down to find the option of “View in 3D” and click on it to load the object.

Then you may tap on the AR option to view the object through your mobile device’s camera in your location.

Various mobile applications support AR already for helping customers to check how a product looks like in their homes, offices and so on, or what type of sunglasses, jewellery or makeup would look on them.

This explains how Google can begin to enable those varieties of abilities in the search engine result pages for commercial queries.

Google has been giving signs from many months to SEOs, webmasters, developers and content producers to focus on image search.

It is an exceptional approach for users to find new content material, data and may be helpful in now not only using eye-balls but potentially even conversions.

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Hat tip: Search Engine Roundtable.
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