Facebook is extending its ‘keywords alert’ feature to more Groups and Admins

According to a tweet shared by tech blogger, Matt Navarra – Facebook is testing a ‘keyword alert’ feature for its Groups. According to his tweet, the update, when it is fully launched will be helpful for the admins who manage and moderate groups with a large number of participants.

As per the tweet, the new feature will alert the moderators when the certain ‘specified’ keywords are used allowing them to react immediately. This feature will only be applicable to the admins of Facebook Group and the members will not be notified of the keyword list.

Facebook Groups are a significant feature of the social media platform. And with each passing day, the member's list on these groups are growing – making it challenging for the admins to keep their space clean from hate speech, abuse, and harassment. However, Facebook is trying to help the admins out and make the Groups more worthwhile for the users by testing out this new feature.

Surely, this update will be helpful for the admins. But will it be effective? Let’s wait and watch if Facebook users are able to outsmart the keyword alert feature after it is launched!

Now you can know immediately when group members use certain words or phrases. When you set up keyword alerts, you'll receive a notification every time a keyword is used, and can take quick action if needed.

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