Pinterest will soon be Launching Complete the Look Feature to Help Users Look for Relevant Results

Pinterest introduced ‘Shop the Look’ Pins a while ago which let users buy the specific product in the image directly from the platform. Extending this, Pinterest will soon be launching ‘Complete the Look’ Pin that will recommend new products to users based on the products they have already searched for.

Pinterest described it as a feature that will recommend results to users regarding the Fashion and Home Décor Pins. Through the visual search technology, several factors are taken into account before showing recommendations based on body type, season, or the overall look of the room when it comes to furniture, etc.

These recommendations are on the basis of either contextual similarity or products that are visually related.

The model has been trained by Pinterest Engineers using a dataset of images of several related products. Then certain products were removed and the system was asked to make recommendations on the basis of what it has learned.

After the early training of the model, on the basis of image context, the system can look for relevant products that match.

The whole idea behind it is to grow the e-commerce business of the platform, by suggesting and recommending a related product, giving more options to users to spend more time on the content discovery network.
"'Complete the Look' is a novel approach to performing visual complements in a way that leverages rich context from scene images to provide highly personalized recommendations. This project is one of the many exciting problems in the visual search space that the Visual Search team is working on at Pinterest. We’ll continue working on ways to power recommendations across Pinterest using the latest in visual search technology.", explained Eric Kim and Eileen Li from Pinterest Visual Search engineering team, in a blog post on Medium.
For now, ‘Complete the Look’ Pin is internally tested and is expected to be soon made available in Pinterest’s recommendation tools.

Pinterest Introduces Complete the Look feature: A scene-based complementary recommendation system

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