Pinterest Influencers Might Change the Social Media Game for Brands [infographic]

In today’s era of social media marketing, competition is becoming stronger than ever. Social media influencers are charging a hefty fee for marketing the products that they want to be associated with and brands are convinced that these influencers will bring them more customers. According to a report, a brand can earn 11x return-on-investment with the help of influencers marketing as compared to traditional media, whereas 91% of consumers rely on reviews by influencers and creators while buying new products. Influencers market reported will be worth 10 billion by the end of 2020 and this is the reason more and more people are now interested in broadening their horizon towards the social media influencers market.

Although most of the social media influencers are using Instagram, face, and Twitter as their main medium of influencer, there is no doubt that these social media platforms are becoming concentrated with every passing day. This is the reason becoming a social media influencer is harder than ever. Some people rely on posting frequently because they think that the more they post the more likely are they to appear on the feeds of people and they will end up gaining more followers, however, this might not be effective when it comes to Pinterest. A detailed report was assembled after carefully analyzing nearly 500 most followed accounts on Pinterest.

A report by SEMrush explains that category affect the following, 28.9% of the Pinterest users are interested in home decor, similarly 15.1% users like food and drink, 7.8% like DIY (do-it-yourself), 21.7% like style, 6.6% like art and 6.6% like traveling related pins. The report also explains that the quality of the pins is more important than the quantity, whereas the video based pins are more popular than pictures based pins. This is the reason more and more influencers are now making short videos and pinning them on Pinterest. To make it easier experts suggest that for someone looking to be an influencer, it is better to rely more on the quality of the videos and pictures that the influencers is pinning on their board. According to SEMrush study, on average, top tier Pinterest influencers post 465 pin in a year.

Also, the goal/theme must be decided before sharing a post on the board, if a user is looking to engage his current followers he/she must focus on pinning things that the followers have already shown interest in. Whereas, for attracting more followers it is better to explore more. To make it more relatable, the report explains that some of the most followed subcategories include hairstyle, beauty tips, desserts, cocktails, kitchen, living room, bathroom, fashion looks, etc. This means that if the influencer wants to attract more people he/she must start exploring these categories too. The process, however, might be challenging for the new users because most of the influencers joined Pinterest when it was not very concentrated and this is the reason they have so many followers.

Understanding the Interests and Activity Patterns of Top Tier Pinterest Influencers - infographic

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