Pinterest's 'Story Pins' Feature is Coming to Android Devices Soon

Pinterest is working on a Story Pin feature for Android devices. This feature is in testing phase on a limited amount of Pinterest business account.

As similar to other social networks stories feature, Story Pins, provide its users with more ways to share creative ideas with up to 20 pages of images, text, and multiple links.

Pinterest is a visual discovery search engine that helps to find ideas like the home decoration, style, quotes and much more, adding a feature like Story Pins which is already quite prominent on other social media platforms, can increase its influence of arts and crafts.

You can add comments or photos to a Story Pin and also save Story Pins to your boards like any other Pin.

Here's a sneak peak of how the feature will look like:

Tweet / Screenshots courtesy of app research Jane Manchun Wong.

According to Pinterest help center, the Story Pins will appear on your home feed, and you'll be able to recognize them by the Story icon below the image.

The Story Pins will also be helpful for bloggers who use a Pinterest business account to get traffic to their blog or website as Pinterest generates a lot of online referral traffic.

Big brands like Ikea, House of Fraser and ASOS are major Pinterest users and a lot of small businesses are also leveraging the Pinterest Business accounts, as brands that have visual appeal perform well on Pinterest.

The Story Pins feature is not available on all Pinterest business accounts as this update is getting tested with a small group.

Very soon Story Pins feature will be available for all business accounts, according to Pinterest Officials.
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