Facebook introduces new Video Creation Kit which includes editing, resizing options and ‘Save’ feature

On Tuesday, Facebook launched a new Video Creation Kit features which include a tool that generates multiple versions of a video automatically with various aspect ratios.

Video marketers will have access to more font options to select from, new templates, seasonal stickers and also a new feature that allows them to save the unfinished projects.

Facebook is making it very easy to resize the size of the video for advertisers to use it for different ad placements.

It is as easy as a click on the button to transform one video into many videos with multiple aspect ratios automatically for different places such as Stories, News Feed.

The company explained on its Business Blog that the users will save time and the video ads created will look custom-made for each placement without filming or creating additional content.

Furthermore, Facebook's new Video Creation Kit is getting new templates as well — including a template which will have a single image with visually appealing motion.

New event and seasonal stickers (available in the Effects option) including back-to-school and Mother’s Day are given that can be used on videos along with 20 new fonts for writing text on videos.

Facebook said they will release more seasonal stickers like Halloween, Singles Day throughout the year.

Moreover, Video Creation Kit includes a feature that will allow you to save the unfinished video in drafts, which makes it possible to start working on the project whenever you want.

In August 2018, Facebook launched its first Video Creation Kit to produce video ads for the advertisers, who have restricted resources and less professional video production staff.

These new features are a result of what the company was already giving advertisers, supporting them to create more custom designed advertisements that may be optimized for every advert placement.

This could be very helpful, especially for small-and-medium-sized businesses who might not be familiar with the technicalities like resizing video ads.

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