Facebook Updates Its News Feed Algorithm to Prioritize Pages and Groups

In May, Facebook introduced News Feed algorithm Update, which decreased the ratio of click-bait and rather focused on boosting content that gathers audiences’ attention the most.

However, a modification in this update has been announced by Facebook about the inclusion of ranking signals for the content of Pages and Groups that are of great interest to people.

The social platform mentioned its original update that the feedback from users through surveys is used to analyze the efficiency of the News Feed algorithm. In this survey, Facebook asks users about their close friends, that kind of posts they interact with and the places of check-in. This pattern is then utilized to set algorithm.

Two other surveys are also added now which are focused on pages and Groups. Users are asked about their level of interest in a particular page they follow and also about their preference of the group they are part of.

On the basis of the result of these surveys, Facebook has set the News Feed algorithm to show most of the preferred content. The preference will be set after seeing how long ago user liked the page or joined a group and the frequency of engagements.

This raises a question about how it can benefit the Page managers, as they have zero or no control over the engagement level and for how long someone has been following.

The main point to ponder upon is about how many posts should be there. If pages post frequently, will the News Feed be filled with it or a balance will be created with other posts as well?

But Facebook has already cleared that it is advised to post more, it will not spam users instead, only relevant story will be shown. However, posting schedule should not be extremely frequent, as after every 15 minutes but rather be more than normal so the algorithm has options to choose from to show it on interested people’s feed.

Facebook added that these algorithm changes will not increase the content of Pages or groups on the feed, instead, posts will be prioritized on News Feed.

There will be no major changes on the Insight charts but it can prove to be a useful way to stimulate your Page or group’s publicity.

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Facebook Updating New Page and Group Ranking Factors into News Feed Algorithm
Photo: AP
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