Google is unable to improve its Play Store app submission policy

Last year, Google faced problems because of allowing malicious applications that had affected Windows-running devices. After the incident, the tech giant had promised to make stricter rules and taken down several applications for click-fraud which included the applications made by well-known developer, DO Global.

However, the company is still slow when it comes to curbing malware-containing apps effectively. According to Lookout, a cybersecurity firm, there are around 240 applications on Google Play Store which have a hidden plugin called BeiTaAd (an adware that makes a smartphone nearly unusable).

The security firm has further said that applications display out of app ads which would fill the screen and they also show when mobile is locked. According to Lookout, the action was taken by the Google which took down such applications and update some of them to make them free of harmful plugin. However, it was done when they were downloaded 440 million times already.

New adware found hidden within popular applications in Google play store

Google has not shared any public statement on this matter, but one thing is clear that Google's app moderation system needs a lot of improvement.

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Featured image: Engadget
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