Google Play Store crackdown on fraudulent Android apps results in 66% increase in app suspension

During the past few weeks, we have been hearing reports of Google removing shady apps from its official app store. Well, now the company reveals the results of its efforts and they are remarkable!

In a 2018-in-review blog announcement, Andrew Ahn, the Project Manager at Google Play Store revealed that constant checks on deceitful acts have increased suspensions of apps by 66% as compared to last year.

Additionally, the rejection rate by the Play Store increased by 55% from 2018 and the Andrew credits the companies’ stringent app review policy for the change.

During the previous year, Google enforced several new policies for the SMS and Call apps that forced many leading apps to modify their features. According to Andrew Ahn, more such policies will be implemented this year as well.
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The team at Google also recognizes the significance of Google Play Protect that constantly detects and stops malicious Android apps from entering its database. Andrew claims that the Play Protect now scans over 50 billion apps on the user’s device in search of untrustworthy apps.

The news by Google just came after Google and Apple were accused of concealing Saudi Arabia’s government app that tracks women movements.

At the end of his blog post, Ahn said that the company will continue to eliminate the ‘bad actors’ from its system and enhance their potential alongside to counter such behavior.
"Despite our enhanced and added layers of defense against bad apps, we know bad actors will continue to try to evade our systems by changing their tactics and cloaking bad behaviors. We will continue to enhance our capabilities to counter such adversarial behavior, and work relentlessly to provide our users with a secure and safe app store.", wrote Andrew Ahn on Android Developers Blog.
How Android team fought bad apps and malicious developers in 2018
Photo: Reuters/Sergio Perez
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