Instagram is Reportedly Working on Multiple Features for Creator Accounts Including Bulk Deletion of Messages!

Instagram has been testing out different features for Creator Accounts in order to give them a more business type feel. Recently, reports regarding multiple message management tools started circulating the web.

It was the renowned Social Media code hacker Jane Manchun Wong who tweeted about Instagram working on these tools for Creator Accounts. Some of the features that will come along with these updates would allow Creators to transfer messages to either Primary or General folders, delete messages in bulk and access many other features as well that are undisclosed as of this moment.

A number of people have expressed interest in gaining access to these features but didn’t hesitate in citing some much needed updates that the media sharing service should have focused on first.

Among these suggestions, the option to not receive messages from strangers was one of the front-runners. In addition to that, some Creators pointed out how Instagram should have removed the “Delete All” option in Message Requests, or at least added a confirmation dialog before starting removing messages as until then, users are just one accidental tap away from losing key data.

Regardless, the bulk deletion option has got people talking in regards to how helpful it would be, especially when dealing with multiple messages with an abundance of useless ones.

It remains to be seen when Instagram plans on rolling out these updates and if the Media Sharing Giant has something up in its sleeve, in addition to the already revealed features. Only time can answer these questions. Stay tuned for any further developments in this story.

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