LinkedIn Pages Getting “Ads” tab to Let Users See Sponsored Content of Last Six Months

Linkedin users will now be able to see the sponsored content run by advertisers in the previous six months, as Linked Pages are soon getting an “Ads” tab to display their campaigns.

According to Mindaou Gu, Linkedin's Product Manager, the main purpose behind this step is to bring transparency in ads run on LinkedIn, and build trust both for members and customers.

Ads displayed in the “Ads” tab can be clicked by users but it will not affect advertisers, as they will not be charged for it. Neither the ads clicked from the particular tab will influence the campaign reporting.

The major positive aspect of it from the marketers’ perspective is that they get to research and compare with competitors. This will make it easier to see what the leading advertisers are doing.

However, the Ads tab will only show the ads but will not give insight, related to targets or the budget of the company.

The renowned professional platform announced that many more updates following this will be released soon in order to give users relevant information about ads.

In the coming weeks, the Ads tab will be rolled out worldwide.

LinkedIn Members Will Soon Be Able To View Last 6 Months Sponsored Ads by Pages
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