Instagram is Reportedly Working on Enabling Story Camera to be used to Share Feed Posts!

To say that Instagram has evolved massively during the past couple of years would be a huge understatement. The Facebook-owned Media sharing service remains in a constant hustle to test out and introduce new features to ensure that users have a great experience on the platform and at the same time, businesses and brands get lured in to try it out for promotional purposes.

Well, today is another one of those days when we come to know that Instagram is testing out new features. Social Media apps researcher Jane Manchun Wong can be credited for sharing the news regarding two such features.
Instagram tests a card-like Question Sticker Response UI and an option to create Feed Post from Story Camera
The first feature in question would allow users to create a Feed Post from the Story Camera. Wong also shared a screenshot depicting where the option would appear and how it would be accessed.

Although the idea is quite intriguing, some people are concerned that the feature wouldn’t be too beneficial as the Story Camera’s quality isn’t good enough for taking pictures to Post on Feed. Whether this factor plays a role once the feature gets rolled out is uncertain and it’s best to wait until then.

The second feature which Instagram is testing currently is the card-like Question Sticker Response UI. From what can be taken from the Gif tweeted by Wong, it appears that the feature would allow followers of a particular user to ask questions through these Stickers in response to the user’s Story.

It’s interesting to note how much work has Instagram been putting into making Stories the main point of attraction. If these features are any indication, we will only be seeing more cool concepts being tested for Instagram Stories in the upcoming months.

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