Google introduces several new features to help businesses make their profiles more appealing in search

Google My Business (GMB), which is commonly used among local stores is jumping on a new ride to give the businesses more options for expansion and recognition among consumers.

Google My Business is the go-to platform for 150 million local businesses, which enable them to appear in the search results by entering their information in it. Once the information is fed into the GMB, the Google start giving options to the consumers on Google Maps and Search results from where consumers can discover relevant information and new places near them.
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Recently, Google has started to give local retailers more boost with the help of additional features that will make the interaction between the small businesses and consumer much easier. Obviously, the use of news features will help Google to beat its rivals such as Yelp and other local information providing platforms.

New tools are:
  • The retailers can now chose a single small and unique short name for their business, which will help the consumers to quickly search it on Google.
  • Following businesses was never more fun before this new additional feature. Now Google will show “Welcome Offers” that will be a gift to the consumers in the form of perks and discounts for following the local retailers.
  • To make businesses appear more attractive, the Google will now enable them to put a logo and a cover photo on their business along with providing them the option to add new module comprising of more pictures.
  • The new “Local Favorite” badge will be given to the top 5% business along with other badges that will attract customers to the business

Even though Google is already filled with multiple options to enhance business, these new options will certainly make the local retailers more famous than ever.
"We’re excited to keep improving Maps and Search for everyone, and help businesses succeed on Google.", announced Amir Fish, Google My Business Group Product Manager, in a blog post.
Now the question is if the businesses will register their profiles on My Business or not? If new features will contribute to the success of local small business owners? The statistics will certainly help Google to see if the can compete their rivals or not.

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