Make Money With Blockchain - Here’s How [infographic]

Do you have what it takes to make money in the booming blockchain economy? It’s actually easier than you think, and you don’t even have to sell all your worldly belongings to buy a single Bitcoin. While the price of Bitcoin fluctuates wildly — between $7-8000 currently, but once as high as $20,000 — other cryptocurrencies are much more stable, and new developments in blockchain are being implemented daily. You still have time to make money from the blockchain boom.

Get A Job In Blockchain

Blockchain is an emerging technology, and even now all of its potential uses have yet to be uncovered. Health insurance companies are looking at blockchain as a way to share non protected health information across networks to cut down on overall healthcare costs in an area that doesn’t affect patient care. Voting security advocates are looking toward blockchain as a way to ensure secure elections with tamper-proof results. And still blockchain isn’t widely used for much outside of cryptocurrency.

Crypto Jobs List posts job listings from across the world in every imaginable sector of the blockchain industry. There’s a pressing need for blockchain coders and developers worldwide, and if this is in your skills set you could be looking at a serious lifestyle change — the average blockchain salary is 61.8 percent higher than U.S. median salary, and it can be significantly higher for those who are able to actually build the technology or programs its use.

But even if you aren’t a coder or a programmer, you can get a job in blockchain. Blockchain companies are looking for risk assessment specialists, marketers, social media managers, and more. The gig economy has also reached the blockchain sector — you can earn cryptocurrency for performing microtasks, perform freelance tasks and get paid in Ethereum, or earn stake coins by checking others’ work.

Earn Cryptocurrency In Alternative Ways

You don’t have to buy cryptocurrency to own cryptocurrency. If you already own a small amount you could receive random airdrops to help grow your wallet. But even if you don’t own any cryptocurrency and have no money to invest, you can still earn cryptocurrency in various ways. Attention tokens are paid to people who complete tasks such as watching a video or taking a survey. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency faucets work in a very similar way, rewarding users for their attention with small amounts of cryptocurrency.

If you don’t want to feel like Pavlov’s dog salivating for the ringing bell, there are still more options. Mining cryptocurrency is a passive way to earn tokens without having to do anything, but it often requires a lot of electricity and special equipment. You can run a masternode on a home computer or rent space from a server designed to complete such tasks, or you can buy stake coins in hopes of being rewarded with additional airdrops of the same type of currency, and they can even earn interest.

There are apps where you can play games and earn tokens or collectible digital assets, which could end up having real world value. You could rent storage space on your computer for those wishing to store their cryptocurrency or you could rent out computing power to those mining for cryptocurrency.

Get In On The Ground Floor Of Blockchain

Even if you want to produce digital events and charge people a digital fee to attend them, there are plenty of possibilities for monetizing your involvement in blockchain technology. This technology is still in its infancy, and the possibilities are endless. Learn more about all the possibilities for making money from blockchain from the infographic below.

Beyond Bitcoin: Making Money On Blockchain [Infographic]

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