Recent Survey Highlights How Reliable Apple Computers Are

The struggle between Apple and Microsoft for dominance of the computing market is the sort of thing that a lot of people argue about. While there are good points that can be made for both sides, the fact of the matter is that a recent survey, conducted by Jamf, has made it pretty clear just how reliable Apple computers can be, at least from the viewpoint of the various consumers that are going to be using these computers for a wide variety of purposes including simple entertainment.

Respondents to a recent survey talked about how reliable they found Apple computers to be. A whopping forty percent of people stated that they had not faced any problems with their Apple device during the year that they have spent using it. This is a pretty surprising number when you realize that it means that almost half of all Apple computer users have stated that they find their Apple computer to be more than satisfactory, with the remaining 60% experiencing sporadic problems throughout the year which is understandable given the nature of technology in the modern era.

What’s more is that 3 out of every 4 Mac users stated that switching to a Mac from a Windows computer was a positive experience of them. Enterprise users seem to unanimously think that Apple is better than Microsoft at making both operating systems as well as computers, so we have a lot to gain from looking into computers that have been made by Apple and figuring out how we can incorporate them into our day to day lives.

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