Facebook COO Disclosed the Regulatory Framework That the Company is following to Ensure Transparency

After the growing content and privacy issues, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg has taken a few steps like regulating the content and preparing a quarterly transparency report from 2020, to make social networking platform favorable for all.

On the first International Press Day held at Facebook’s headquarter, Sheryl Sandberg said that the company is trying to regulate content by collaborating with governments.

While talking to media belonging to different parts of the world, Sandberg stated that there is bad and good actors, both at the same time. The company is working to avoid bad and standing out than the rest.

She set out the roadmap to handle issues like misinformation, fake new and privacy concerns. Sandberg added that the company has altered its working ethics and is spending billions of dollars to make the platform secure and safe. The company is working with governments to shield elections. It is also trying to identify and yield out the bad actors by co-operating with internal teams, product teams and other fellow companies.

She told how the company fills the Transparency Report twice a year but from next year it will be filed quarterly and then like earning report, the press will be called and Transparency Report will be presented before them.

The regulatory framework is required in fields like privacy, content and data portability, said Sandberg.

As the regulation process is a little slow, she also mentioned that the company is going above regulations.

Photo: Twitter / atNickVega

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