New details revealed about the appalling working conditions at Facebook’s content moderation site in Tampa

As reported by the Verge, Facebook's three former content moderators accepted to involve themselves in legal jeopardy to expose the horrifying working conditions they have witnessed while hired by a vendor for the tech company.

According to the workers, they dealt with a dirty office and often found bodily waste and pubic hair near their sitting areas.

Many people told The Verge that at the Tampa office, working conditions are so severe that the workers risk their health on every single day.

One employee who was sick used to keep the dustbin near her desk to vomit as she already has used all her bathroom recess.

A worker once had a heart attack and passed away shortly after at his desk, and the place still doesn't have a defibrillator, reported by The Verge.

After the earlier report that uncovered appalling working conditions at the site of the vendor’s Phoenix facility, The Verge sat down with 12 retired and current Cognizant content moderators and out of 12 former workers agreed to disclose their confidentiality agreement (CA) which is contracted as a condition of employment.

According to the Verge, Cognizant’s lowest-performing site under the Facebook contract in North America is the Tampa site with the accuracy score of 92 contrasted with the company’s said the target of 98.

A former moderator, Shawn Speagle, said that he was unaware of the amount of graphic content he would undergo while working for Cognizant.

Shawn Speagle said that he has a lengthy history of depression and stress and has been diagnosed with Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after leaving the job at Cognizant.

The Verge reported, Shawn Speagle mentioned that on the job, his first assignment required him to watch a video clip of two teens smashing an iguana on the ground continuously until the thing was killed brutally.

The clip was allowed to stay on Facebook under the company’s policies.

A Facebook spokesperson said about the death of the employee who died because of a heart attack at the Tampa site that, we are in solidarity with Keith Utley’s family, his friends and colleague. We try to help people who do this critical job as much as possible.

Cognizant said in a statement that it aims to create a secure workplace for its workers and in the US and their co-workers around the world.

Cognizant, just like any other large employer, consistently and professionally acknowledge workplace and personal problems in its offices.

Cognizant works hard to guarantee secure, decent, and supportive work conditions for all of its partners.

At Facebook’s worst-performing content moderation site in North America, one contractor has died, and others say they fear for their lives
Photo: Toby Melville / Reuters

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