Facebook is Getting Rid of Multiple Business Page Information Fields in August!

Facebook is known for making changes every now and then. Today is not any different either. The Social Media Giant defined a new update for the Business Page earlier this week. According to the update, a number of sections regarding a Page’s information will be removed and Admins will be recommended to include the information from these sections into others such as “Description”.

Mari Smith and Matt Navarra should be credited for spotting and sharing an example of this new Update. From what we can infer, “Mission”, “Company Overview”, “Biography”, “Affiliation” and “Personal Interests” will be the sections which will not be found, come August 1st, 2019.

It can be argued that it’s not common for someone to read these sections attentively, so their removal can be justified. However, it still needs to be noted that more information means more clarity, both for the people interested in the particular business as well as Facebook in terms of categorizing Pages appropriately on the basis of given data.

Social media managers and business owners take note. Facebook is making some changes.

In Facebook’s defense, it can be said that the Social Network’s decision has to do something with their claims of collecting only the required data, to avoid tracking and targeting complaints.

Whether the decision would benefit or harm Page Admins depends on their approach. If they can add all of the information relating to personal interests, biography etc. in the Description section without making it look forced, then there should be no need for separate sections for these details. A detailed and well-defined Page Description, after all, clearly represents the business.

Many businesses often put the same data with slight variations in different sections, so the removal will definitely help in getting rid of this habit. On a side note, “Personal Interests” and “Affiliation” sections are not known for contributing much in helping people understand a business properly.

So, when all of the above points are taken into account, it can be said that taking down these sections is a wise decision on Facebook’s part. Now, it’s time for the Page Admins to re-evaluate their marketing strategies and the Description section (so that it reflects their business appropriately).

As mentioned above, the update will go under effect on 1st August this year. Facebook has yet to issue any further details. Stay tuned to find out more!

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  1. For movies, almost all of the relevant fields are being removed and this is a major problem! The description is expected to be the length of a tweet (with a 255 character maximum) which is not nearly enough space to include all the info they are deleting. Right now I am having to scramble to figure out how to keep Facebook as a viable marketing platform for the projects I manage with these changes.

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