Are iOS app developers earning more than Android devs?

Android and iOS are always competing when it comes to their respective downloads, profit, and user base. In most cases, iOS has led the bandwagon for generating more revenue while Android is always the popular one with a strong market base.

Their competing stories continue in the year 2019 as well.

According to a new report by the analyst firm Sensor Tower, the top developers working for Apple’s App Store earn around 64% more than the highest-earning Android developer does.

Sensor Tower tracked the top 100 developers on each platform and found that during the first quarter of 2019, iOS developers earned combined revenue of around $83 million while the Android developers made $51 million – totaling to around $130.4 million.

Apple's Top App Store Publishers Are Earning 64 Percent More Than Google Play's on Average

During the past year as well, both the platform had varying numbers when it came to app developers earning. For instance, in Q1 2014, iOS developers earned $21 million and Android developers generated $13 million.

The difference decreases to 48% when we analyze gaming apps. In Q1 2019, iOS developers managed around $70 million and Android developers earned $48 million.

For the non-gaming apps, the difference is a whopping 232% with Apple devs receiving $23 million while Android developers managed only $7 million.

The numbers may seem surprising but we are already aware of the fact that Google Play offers more free apps compared to App Store. Android users are also less likely to make in-app purchases and are usually offered featured-filled apps without any added cost.

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