Top 500 Supercomputers of the World are Linux-Based, Reveals TOP500 53rd Edition

The 53rd edition of Top500 is here with an interesting commonality among all the top 500 supercomputers. These top 500 are all Linux-based supercomputers, offering petaflop performance and at times even better than this.

On the list, Summit was on the fist spot, followed by Sierra on second in the list of top 10 supercomputers. Developed by the US Department of Energy (DOE), both the computers topped the 52nd edition’s list as well, in November 2018.

Sunway TaihuLight and Tianhe-2A, built by China are on the third and fourth place respectively. Frontera is on 5th position, then comes Piz Daint, followed by Trinity. On the eighth spot is Al Bridging Cloud Infrastructure.

Whereas on number 9 is SuperMUC-NG and on tenth is Lassen by IBM. The list of TOP500 can be accessed easily here.

Though China lost its first two positions after November 2017 but still a number of supercomputers (219 to be exact) built in China is more than the US developed supercomputers, total of 116 in the top 500.

When it comes to processors, 95.6% of these supercomputers have Intel processors. The second most used processors are of Intel, then IBM CPU’s and third most used are AMD processors. Astra supercomputer is the only one with an ARM processor.

Top500: China boasts 219 of the world’s fastest supercomputers
Photo: Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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