New Survey Reveals How Many Americans Are Fine With Targeted Ads On Internet

One of the biggest advantages for online advertisers is that they get to set the target audience on the basis of demographics, their previous purchases, and interests. On the other hands, customers may not feel secure because their personal information is gathered, making them realize that they are constantly under check, one way or the other.

A poll was conducted by YouGov, related to the targeted ads revealed that only 27% of those who surveyed believe that targeted advertisements are a convenient way for them to see products they are interested in, while a majority 51% of the Americans do not agree to the concept of targeted ads, as according to them personal data can be used inappropriately in the process. Particularly elder people were against this. In contrast to this, young people, aged from 18 to 24 had a soft corner for targeted advertising. For 41 percent of Americans, targeted ads allow them to view products that may be of their interest.

Targeted Ads on Internet: Interesting or Intrusive? - Chart
Chart courtesy of Statista.

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