Pinterest Now Offers Personalized Purchase Suggestions

Pinterest has long been a place where people could discover new forms of arts and crafts, as well as providing a kind of marketplace where you could look into goods that the mainstream market might not offer. As a bastion for smalltime creators, Pinterest has expanded quite drastically and one of the newest features being offered by the social media platform is a list of buying suggestions that are personalized based on data that has been collected regarding your preferences, tastes and the general choices that you tend to make.

The focus here seems to be making it easier for merchants operating on the site to market their wares. The new Catalogue option will be of particular use in this regard. A service that was previously only available to big name brands, now small creators will be able to take advantage of the compact and easily clickable links on this platform, thereby ensuring that anyone that is displaying some kind of interest in the products you are selling will find it very easy to just buy what they need from a small merchant instead of having to go for a big name brand.

Related products will also be advertised in order to provide a seamless shopping experience, and with the addition of personalized recommendations it seems like Pinterest has nowhere to go but up. The platform currently has a quarter of a billion active users which is nothing to sneeze at, but with excellent upgrades like this we are probably going to see an increase in this user count as people start to realize what an excellent service this platform genuinely provides.

On the other side, Pinterest announced that:
"Pinterest Ads are now available to all businesses in Germany, Austria, Spain and Italy! Starting today, all businesses can use standard and video ads [through Ads Manager] to help people in Europe find their next great idea—and some businesses already are."
Jon Kaplan, Global Head of Partnerships at Pinterest explained in a blog post that, "As part of our international growth, we have [also] launched test ads in the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal and Switzerland."

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Featured Photo: Chayantorn via Getty Images
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