YouTube is Finally Shutting Down its Gaming App in Two Weeks!

Around 8 months ago, YouTube rolled out a new gaming destination on the main platform. It was a groundbreaking move because it would eventually eliminate the need for users to access a different site or app to search and experience premium gaming content.

However, launch of the new destination comes at a cost as YouTube also announced that it would be slowly phasing out the standalone YouTube Gaming app, so all eyes could be on the new Gaming home on YouTube. As the deadline is near, here is a timeline of the shutting down process.

April 30, 2019:

The standalone app was taken down from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. For users who had already downloaded the app, nothing would change for them and they would be able to use the app for now but the new Gaming destination has its charms and should definitely be checked out!

May 14, 2019:

Fast forward to two weeks later, the Subscriptions from the standalone app will be transferred to YouTube automatically. How will you know about it? You will be notified about it and able to see the message in the Subscriptions tab. Moreover, for updating your subscription preferences, Subscriptions Manager is your go-to place.

May 30, 2019:

The standalone Gaming app will fully and finally meet its end on 30th May and after that, the app will not be accessible and will head you over to the new Gaming destination introduced by YouTube last year. The link to the old website will be eliminated as well and all such links will direct you to YouTube’s new home for Gaming.

For channel members of the standalone app with Memberships enabled, their memberships will move over without any actions from them. For members with disabled memberships, their memberships shall be cancelled right away in exchange of a refund of last month’s membership fee.

Thus, you should have already received a confirmation email from YouTube regarding your eligibility, provided that you had membership enabled for the standalone app.

YouTube is Finally Shutting Down its Gaming App in Two Weeks!
Photo: Manuel Romano/NurPhoto via Getty Images

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Source: Google YouTube Support.
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