WatchMojo facing Content ID abuse on its YouTube videos, deciding to file lawsuit against it

WatchMojo, one of the most famous channels on YouTube, is facing Content ID abuse from numerous companies and channels again due to which the owner has decided to file a lawsuit against rightholders who are claiming fake ownership on their videos and to earn profits.

The Canada-based channel which has more than 20 million subscribers claimed that it has been facing Content ID abuse on daily basis. Everyday there are several mails and posts from different pages and channels who claim ownership on WatchMojo's videos.

In a last weekend's video, Ashkan Karbasfrooshan, CEO of WatchMojo, unveiled some Content ID abusers. The CEO showed different companies as well who claimed to hold rights of WatchMojo's videos.

One of such companies was Hexacorp, a company that does business from the name of Orfium, which claimed that the Montreal based channel used the music of Avengers trailer without permission in a video in which WatchMojo discussed the trailer of the movie. However, the complainer took back its words when WatchMojo protested against it.

However, protesting and claiming cost a lot of money and reputation as it leads to copyright notice which might end up with striking and removing content from the pages on which there are criticism. The channels and pages like WatchMojo, which have large viewership and facing issues from years, makes the website to take action.

Karbasfrooshan claims that companies are doing it to earn money. According to his calculations and work, channels and companies earn $2 billion dollars by claiming rights to the content of other unlawfully, in the last few years. Karbasfrooshan, further said that companies could face damage who claim on fair used content. Therefore, he further claimed that evidence had been gained regarding wrongdoings against certain companies legally.

According to CEO of WatchMojo and his lawyers, it is necessary to take action against Content ID abuse. The owner of the channel told that if action has not be taken, then the company which is doing would win the big.

Although, Karbasfrooshan would not be representative of the case right now because he believed that copyright holders would take advantage of it, because WatchMojo thinks that once it will be cleared that how Content ID and copyright law work, abusive rightholders will be sued. However, the owner believes that lawsuit is not required. According to him, change is required in the way the copyright holders work.

Furthermore, Karbasfrooshan expressed his opinion that YouTube should make a whitelist channels so that the channels which work professionally would not be harmed by abusive claims.

Karbasfrooshan expressed his opinions in second episode of four part series, in which Content ID and copyright laws are discussed. The answered of further questions will be discussed in third episode.

Photo: Andrej Prazenica / Foursquare

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