Google's Bumper Machine Tool Will Be Able To Generate Short YouTube Video Ads Itself

A six-second Bumper ad format was introduced by YouTube in 2016 and now a new tool is being introduced that will automatically generate a six-second ad from a comparatively longer ad.

The idea of turning 90 seconds ad to 6 seconds may seem absurd. According to Vice President of YouTube and video global solutions, Debbie Weinstein, initially, advertisers were doubtful whether they will be able to portray their story through 6 seconds or not.

She said that people are stick to old media formats, and cannot think other than creating an ad of shorter than 30 to 15 seconds. However, Bumper could be used differently by advertisers and digital marketers. Some may use it to create a teaser of their long ad, whereas, a series of 6 seconds ads can be created out of 30-second ad with the help of Bumper.

Presently, an alpha testing is conducted by YouTube with Bumper Machine which will then lead to beta testing and then will be rolled out to the general public.

Advertisers will be able to use the tool to scan their long ads and takeout the key element out of it. In the last two to three seconds of the ad, call to action will be shown.

GrubHub has tested Bumper Machine tool to create a 6-second ad from a 13 seconds long ad.

The original 13 second video:

An example of 6 second short Bumper video ad:

Weinstein suggested that both the smaller and giant advertisers and agencies can use Bumper Machine according to their requirements. Little time and effort are needed to create Bumpers which will help smaller advertisers. Whereas large brands can get inspiration by using it as a jumping off point.

Despite the efforts put into tool, Weinstein said that machine cannot be fully trusted for creating Bumpers and using them randomly. Rather they should be manually reviewed before using them.

The machine will suggest three to four executions of what it created and will let human decide which one is better. You can choose either one or all of them, and also can do a little editing into the bumper-created ad.

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