A portal companion app for Android and iOS is finally available for Facebook users

Facebook has finally released Android and iOS apps for managing Portal devices. From now onward, the Portal users can send photos to the Superframe, add accounts, make calls to their portal when they are away and manage their list of favorites right from their smartphone.

Here is a breakdown of the features:

· Add photos – With the Portal app, the users can conveniently add photos to the Superframe directly from their smartphone.

· Add more accounts – The app makes it easy to add family members to the Portal so they can also use the feature from their own Facebook accounts.

· Call home – If the user is away from home, they can make use of the Portal app to call the Portal located at home and talk to the family members.

· Manage favorites – Customize your ‘favorites’ list right from the smartphone

If you have also purchased the video-calling device by Facebook, check out the app to enhance your experience.

Sources: Androidpolice / Techcrunch.
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