Top 10 Most Downloaded iPhone Apps That Every Apple User Must Know

With the increasing popularity of iPhone, it has now become a very important task for the developers to keep track of apps popularity in iOS store. Last month, the top ten apps in the iPhone globally gained a total score of a whopping 74 million downloads, that's according to Prioridata analysis. To make it easier for the iPhone users, we have listed down the top 10 apps that have gained popularity in the month of April.

Clean road

Topping the chart, at the number one position is a game called Clean road. This game has dominated the app store and gained 11.18 million downloads in April 2019. This game gives the user control of snow plow and the player needs to reach the finish line of the congested road, there are traffic jams and other hurdles that must be considered in the way.

Run race 3D

On number with 9.75 million downloads, we have Run race 3D, which is a 2D racing game with a simple rule. The player needs to compete with three opponents and the fasts person to reach the finish line wins the game.


With a whopping downloads of 9.73 million, we have AMAZE! on the list that is a simple yet fun painting puzzle game.

Roller splat

On number four in the list with 7.63 million is roller splat that is a very addictive game that has combined elements of Pinball and Splatoon elements.

WhatsApp messenger

Fifth on the list with 7.23 million is WhatsApp messenger app that everyone seem to use these days. WhatsApp has given some serious competition to other messenger apps and experts seem to think that it will grow even further.

Stack ball 3D

With 6.56 million, on number sixth in the list we have stack ball 3D, however, the player needs to get the ball to the bottom of the tower but the ball can only pass via colored part of the tower.

Mr Bullet – Spy Puzzles

Seventh on the list is, Mr Bullet with 5.99 million users. The player needs to help Mr Bullet to finish his enemies by using the minimum ammunition, this is simple yet very interesting game.

Tiles Hop –EDM Rush

Tile Hop is a simple game where the player needs to hop the ball on the tiles and the speed keeps increasing with time, this game is at number eight in the list with 5.81 million downloads.


With 5.23 million downloads we have Facebook messenger on number 9, this app connects the chat option of Facebook to the main Facebook profile on the phone.


Finding off our top ten list with 5.27 million is the social media networking king, Facebook that requires no introduction.

This chart lists the top 10 apps most often downloaded to iPhones in April 2019
Chart courtesy of: Statista.

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