The scammer tried to take over a YouTube channel by claiming to be from Support Team

A Scammer tried to take over a YouTube channel by getting in touch with the owner but got nothing as the owner eventually figured out the fraud and reported it.

The trick was quite simple and deceiving, but a few aspects raised concerns for the account holder.

The owner of the YouTube channel named TeslaJoy received an email from a source claiming to be from YouTube support implying that her channel was involved in some breach of YouTube's policy.

And in order to resolve the problem, some personal information including the password is required to do a more detailed analysis.
The scammer tried to take over a YouTube channel by claiming to be from YouTube support
Any tech-support team demanding personal information such as password of an account already looks deceiving, but the scammer made another mistake by adding the wrong postal address in the email.

Also, the channel's owner received the message on her public email address, whereas she uses a different account to communicate with YouTube.

The wrong ZIP code would have seemingly gone ignored if it weren't for a typo in the street name, which probably rang the alarm bells of the intended victim.

In respond YouTube team explained that, "This is not a legitimate email (Note: YouTube never asks for your account info). Please report the email by following these steps: Our team will look into it."

The YouTube coverage violation fraud topic isn't always new and, fortuitously, it did not have any damaging results in this situation. More competitive crooks, even though, have given a whole lot of hassle to content creators with the aid of abusing YouTube's reporting system.

YouTube allows its users to report videos which they feel are violating the rules of the platform and when a channel is reported three times, their account is deactivated by YouTube.

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