Apple Releases Warren Buffett-Starrer Game after Tim Cook Joked about it

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple was seen talking about a game idea for iPhone, at Berkshire Hathaway’s Annual Meeting. He, apparently on a lighter note, joked about a game in which Warren Buffett could be seen tossing newspapers.

The idea turned out to be true as a game in real was released on Apple App Store with the title Warren Buffett’s Paper Wizard, in which you have to toss papers and in return earn “Warren Bucks”.

Though the credits for the title are given to “Wildlife Design”, but the game’s terms and its splash screen hints that the company itself is behind it.

After eleven years Apple has released its first game which is a milestone in itself. In 2008 iPod game, Texas Hold’em was created into iPhone compatible version.

This does not indicate that Apple will be now focusing on in-house game development but are trying to do their bit in this regard.

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