The battle of the internet – The countries with the fastest speed

Cable (A UK based firm) released their broadband speed league 2018 where they revealed that Singapore leads when it comes to providing the fastest internet with an average download speed of 60.39 megabits per second (Mbps). Following closely behind Singapore is Sweden with a download speed of 46 Mbps.

Other countries/cities from Southeast Asia did not manage to make their place in the list, which is dominated largely by the European countries.

In fact, the United States ranked very low at place 20 with an average speed of 25.86 Mbps. Australia took the 52 position for providing a download speed of 11.68 Mbps.

The top 10 countries with the fastest internet download speed:

1. Singapore (60.39 Mbps)

2. Sweden (46 Mbps)

3. Denmark (43.99 Mbps)

4. Norway (40.12 Mbps)

5. Romania (38.60 Mbps)

6. Belgium(36.71 Mbps)

7. Netherlands(35.95 Mbps)

8. Luxembourg (35.14 Mbps)

9. Hungary (34.01 Mbps)

10. Switzerland (29.92 Mbps)

The Countries with the Fastest Internet
Chart source: Statista.

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