From costing a dime to amounting a fortune, the difference in mobile data prices across the world is bizarre!

Smartphones have become our best friends and it’s nearly impossible to disagree with this statement. Smartphones can be used for many reasons such as socializing, learning and streaming etc. Streaming requires a huge amount of data. Although WiFi is a convenient option when it comes to such data-consuming tasks, mobile data is second to none.

However, mobile data’s cost may vary from country to country. Thanks to Cable (a UK based company), we now know the average price of 1 gigabyte of mobile data in different parts of the world. The comprehensive study includes over 6000 mobile data plans in 230 countries. Interestingly, smartphone fanatics in India and Kyrgyzstan are required to pay $0.26 and $0.27 for 1 gigabyte of mobile data, making them the top 2 countries with the cheapest mobile data (cost wise).

Meanwhile Zimbabwe smartphone users have to pay an unbelievable amount for a gigabyte of data. The price there is over $75. The enormous amount makes it nearly impossible for a considerate portion of the country to purchase data plans.

Another interesting observation from the study is that the difference in prices is quite unusual in European countries. While the gigabyte price can go as high as $7 in Germany, it is barely $1.73 in Italy. However, these prices are nothing compared to what Switzerland demands for a gigabyte of mobile data. The cost there is a whopping $20.22.

This chart lists down the average cost of 1GB of mobile data in selected countries in 2019 (U.S. dollars)
Chart courtesy of Statista.

People living in North America have to pay nearly the same price across USA and Canada ($12.38 and $12.02 respectively). Meanwhile South Korea, a country known for its remarkable mobile network developments in recent years, charges $15 per gigabyte.

You must be thinking that service providers from countries with developed and advanced internet structures usually charge huge amounts for mobile data but that is not true at all as this exact same thing is what allows providers to offer internet services at low rates. This was brought up by Cable’s consumer telecoms analyst, Dan Howdle.

So, if you want the mobile data in your country to be easily affordable, the best suggestion would be to contribute in improving the networking and mobile as well as fixed broadband infrastructure.

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