Google's Search App Might Soon have Dark Mode as Shown By Android Testers

A lot of new announcements have been made in a recent Google’s annual developer conference. One of them has been regarding the introduction of dark mode with Android 10 Q.

Beta versions have already been indicating this but recently Google search app has fast paced its working on the dark mode. Some of the users have been able to witness it though it still looks as if the work is still in progress.

According to Android Police, in Pixel Launcher, the search bar at the bottom appears to be transparent black when dark mode is activated, though for others it is still white.

In Discover feed also, the bar appears in transparent black but the UI overall is still white and bright, even though dark mode has already been introduced for it. By clicking on the search bar, recent inquiries and app suggestions appear on a black background, making it hard to read the app names and the search bar.

Search suggestions appear white, whereas for some it appeared black but turned into a white font when a new search was typed in.

Changes seem to be not fully developed yet and a mix of black and white interference is shown, like of Assistant and Google Photos a few versions back.

App’s Chrome browser is majorly grey but the search bar and web results appear white, which can be turned to gray by clicking the “Personal” tab.

Except for the recent bottom tab, almost all of the app’s status bar becomes illegible, with a white background. Search interface though remains white throughout and does not change.

Only users with the latest Google app beta version 9.88 can view these changes. As it is just server-side testing, for now, some people may be unable to get access to dark mode.

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