Will Instagram manage to surpass Facebook and Snapchat for the ‘daily engagement’ of users?

According to a new report by eMarketer, US-based adults will spend the same average number of time on Facebook and Snapchat as they did last year. However, the user base of Instagram is gradually showing signs of improvement.

The consultancy reported that the average user spends around 38 minutes per day on Facebook while Snapchatters are devoting 26 minutes on the platform. Both the numbers are down by 2 minutes from eMarketers previous predictions.

On the other hand, visitors of Facebook-owned app Instagram are reaching around 27 minutes this year – climbing by one minute each year through 2021.

Analysts at eMarketer agree that features such as Stories, influencer content and video are contributing greatly to the increased engagement on Instagram.

eMarketer also predicts Facebook daily to usage to diminish slightly to around 37 minutes by 2020 while Snapchat will remain flat at 26 minutes through the year 2021.

Experts claim that Facebook is constantly losing young adult users. Additionally, the company is emphasizing on demoting click-bait videos and posts in favor of those that create time well spent. This is resulting in less daily time spent on the platform in 2018 that predicted.

However, users spending less time on Facebook are affecting marketing results and with time, the same will limit the chances for brands to reach the targeted audience.

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