Facebook To Demote Unauthentic Content On Its Platform (Social Media Managers, Take Note!)

With time Facebook is making special efforts to make its platform more trustworthy for its users. Recently the social media giant announced that they will be demoting posts that use engagement baits, also videos that are baiting through audio.

Facebook said that many pages have been misusing their News Feed algorithm by using engagement tactics, attract many users to increase their page reach. Example of these baits given is the kind of posts that ask users to comment or like if they belong to certain zodiac sign or other posts like that with no quality content.

To make their machine learning model detect engagement baits, they collected several such posts which they reviewed. These posts will now be shown less on the News Feed.

In addition to this, videos (that contain audio/voice over) will also be demoted if they will repeatedly use engagement baits to get artificial reach out to a large number of Facebook users. Pages, for now, are given a little leverage to let them practice engagement bits in their posts.
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However, posts that are for a social cause, like gathering funds, asking for some kind of tips or reporting the missing child will be shown on News Feed freely without being affected by this update.

Only the unauthentic posts will be demoted like recently Facebook tried to demote clickbait headlines. All and all, Facebook is trying to save its members from spam, sensational and misleading content and focus on original engagements with quality content.

Facebook on the verge to curb Engagement Bait on its platform
Image: Facebook

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Hat Tip: Matt Navarra / Twitter.
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