Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn: Important Social Media Statistics for Brands (infographic)

Before a brand finds its footing in the world of social media, it needs to ascertain which platforms will work best for it. Choosing the right social media channel is simply a matter of figuring out what that platform has to offer, as well as analyzing the statistics of said platform and attempting to see how those statistics could potentially fit in to the goals that you have for your brand or company.

If we start off with Twitter, this platform tends to be most popular with people that are between the ages of 25 and 34. Indeed, almost half of Twitter’s user base comes from this demographic, so if you are targeting people within this age bracket then Twitter might just be the perfect social media platform for your brand to start taking seriously.

Twitter is also moderately popular with people 35 to 44. The basic crux of the matter is that Twitter is no good if your target market is, on average, younger than 25. Another statistic regarding Twitter that you might find useful is that over two thirds of its users, about seventy percent, are women. Companies targeting female customers could do a lot with this information, as it would help make targeting simpler.

Facebook continues to be a real juggernaut in the world of social media. Two thirds of all adults in the world are on the platform. About three quarters of all people living in an urban setting say that they use Facebook on a regular basis, with the numbers declining steadily the further you move away from urban centers.

This platform also remains enormously popular with people under 25 unlike Twitter. 84% of respondents to a recent survey who were aged between 18 to 29 stated that they used Facebook, which makes it seem like a goldmine for brand managers but also significantly saturates your market and creates a lot of competition. Facebook’s users are more likely to be male than female, again differentiating it from Twitter quite a bit.

Instagram’s stats are also impressive. The most important statistic is that almost three out of every four respondents under 18 say they use Instagram, which compares quite favorably to Twitter. It places Instagram as one of the foremost social media platforms for teenagers at present.

Take a peak at this infographic, courtesy of SproutSocial, for more insights regarding Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Snapchat demographics.

Social media demographics to drive your brand’s online presence - infographic

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