Facebook Introduces New Discovery and Engagement Features for Instant Games

At the recently held F8 developer’s conference, Facebook announced several updates for its Instant Games section.

Firstly, the company revealed that the Gaming tab would become the primary home for Instant Games within the Facebook family of applications.

In an official blog post, the director of games Bob Slinn, said that initially, Instant Games feature was part of the News Feed and Messenger. But with time, the social media platform is extending the service to other mediums as well.

The company is also working on ways to enhance the audience base of Instant Games by offering the Gaming tab on the main navigation bars.
"Instant Games give people around the world an easy, fun way to stay connected with friends and will continue to be an important part of how we help people build communities across Facebook.", announced Bob Slinn.
It was also revealed that the company is working on a revamped menu design for Instant Games that would allow players to invite friends, add shortcuts, turn on messages, share games and provide feedback to developers – without leaving the game session.

Players can also return to the area in games if they have to leave for some reason.

The social network is also working to develop connections between the gaming platform, its pages, and groups. Additionally, the game-focusing groups will soon be able to create special gaming sessions where the members of the group can compete with each other.

Above all, a contextual notification has been implemented on Facebook’s platform that would alert the Instant Game users when a friend has played their turn or when it’s time to play the game, etc.

A dedicated inbox for gaming notifications under the Gaming tab is also under the works for the 700 million Instant Games users.

Facebook Introduces New Discovery and Engagement Features for Instant Games

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