Mark Zuckerberg's Latest Invention is Exclusive to his Family...for now!

Being an Innovator is a blessing when you can use your creativity to produce something that benefits, not the industries or big markets, but the people you love. It looks like Mark Zuckerberg believes that too. The Founder and CEO of the biggest Social Networking Platform Facebook, recently designed something, specifically for his wife, Priscilla Chan.

Zuckerberg posted on Facebook how his wife was having difficulty in sleeping ever since they were graced with kids as she often used to wake up in the middle of night to check the time remaining until the kids’ wakeup time, but being aware of the time was stressing her out, making it difficult for her to go back to sleep.

Taking note of this issue, Zuckerberg designed a “Sleep Box” which is a wooden box that helps Priscilla in peacefully sleeping without having to worry about the time.

Zuckerberg said that the box is present on her nightstand and between 6 and 7 am, it gives off a dim light, which is not strong enough to wake her up but if she does wake up somehow, the light will indicate that it’s time for the kids to wake up.

To avoid any disturbance during Priscilla’s sleep, the box doesn’t display time.

As mentioned earlier, Zuckerberg is quite satisfied with his invention as it has allowed him to put his creative skills to use to produce something helpful for his partner, which according to him, is an expression of his gratitude towards her.

Although Zuckerberg designed the box specially for his wife, he wants others to take advantage of it too and has shared it on Facebook so entrepreneurs can take note of it and mass produce it for others.

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