Apple defeated by Huawei and Samsung in Quarterly Earnings

In the quarterly shipment sales, Apple lost it to Huawei and Samsung, which proved to be more popular among smartphone users.

With every passing year, Apple’s sales are dropping. Last year for the same quarter, Apple’s revenue had been $61.1 billion and earnings per share (EPS) of $2.73. This time it has dropped in the March quarter, generating revenue of $58 billion, making a quarterly profit of $11.6 billion and EPS of $2.46.

Investors were already warned by Apple about the decreased demand for the latest iPhone models.

Unit sales for iPhone, Mac, and iPad had been the main analytics point for the company in previous years but their unit sales will not be announced for now. According to Luca Maestri of Apple, the quarterly unit sold points does not accurately represent the business’s position.

Tim Cook explained that the results of March show that their already active 1.4 billion devices are still serving customers, making a record, as well as the record-breaking March quarter business is done by the wearables, Home and Accessories category.

The Wearable business of Apple alone is now of the level of Fortune 200 company’s business.

More than 20% year-over-year increase in the iPad’s revenue is noticed. Cooke said it is the most they have made out of iPad in six years.

The quarterly dividend of Apple has also increased by 5% to $0.77 per share. Shares of Apple increased by 4% in after-hours trading, thus its guidance for the upcoming quarter is going to be more than expected.

Photo: Medhat Dawoud

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