Tips and Tweaks to Become a Netflix Power User

I was watching Big Mouth on Netflix when it suddenly occurred to me, why don’t I give the Netflix app on Windows a try? But why should I when my browser was giving me a completely satisfactory experience? But then again I wondered, they must have created the app for a reason!

I already knew many tips and tricks to have a better hand on Netflix that I am going to share with in a bit, but I had never tried the application.

So as an avid Netflix lover, I went on to the Windows app store full of curiosity and downloaded the Netflix application for Windows 10.

Here’s what I found, and I NEVER turned back to the browser again.

1. Use VPN to unblock international libraries of Netflix

If you’re not familiar with what a VPN is, let me give you a brief introduction. Basically a VPN is a software that encrypts your data so that it becomes difficult for anyone trying to get their hands on your sensitive information.

So if your local library is boring you, give the other a try. You simply need a VPN in order to access US Netflix or any international library. While searching one for myself, I found a list of Netflix VPNs that actually work in almost all locations in the world. I tried SurfShark to access the American library and it worked like a charm, but don’t rely on my suggestion alone, read review of SurfShark.

A VPN secures you by masking your location, so you could be present in France and pretend to be in the United States.

But how does that help you? Well different content is available in different countries, usually the American Netflix library has the most content.

2. Download videos and watch your favorite shows offline

This option alone was enough to hook me up to the app. I would love watching shows on my daily 2 hour subway route, but using data on my phone would cost me an arm and a leg!

So what I do now is download my favorite shows at home on Wi-Fi beforehand and no longer do I have to sit alone and stare at the floor.

I put on my earphones and turn the train into my own personal cinema. The experience is so good that I actually lost track of time once and missed my stop, trust me it’s not a joke!

Not all titles can be downloaded, but a lot of them are available for download. You can do this by clicking the download button under the title and in case you’re running out of time or have limited data, you can even manage the download quality.

3. Customize subtitles

I usually need subtitles because while I’m binging on my favorite shows all night, my significant other is sleeping, so I need to keep the volume really low.

Another great reason to have subtitles is that they help you stay engaged in the show as all dialogues become crystal clear and you don’t miss out on even a single world.

Here is how you customize the subtitles:

Go to Netflix through your browser

Go to Your Account

Click on subtitle appearance

Now you will be able to customize subtitles to a great extent.

4. Want to watch subtitles in another language?

I haven’t come across any content on Netflix that doesn’t have subtitles. But what if you want them in your native language? Simply download the Subtitles for Netflix app.

5. Want to watch on the big screen?

Tired of watching shows on your laptop? Want to enjoy the visuals on the TV? Well there are two ways to do this.

HDMI Cable: Connecting your laptop to the TV with a HDMI cable is a very simple way of watching Netflix on the bigger screen. It’s no rocket science.

Chromecast: Let’s say you want to rewind back, the length of the HDMI can be an annoying issue if your laptop is a bit far away.

You surely don’t want to ruin the comfort of your couch every now and then, so for that we have the Google Chromecast.

The device turns your TV in to a smart TV, in fact even better. It works as a wireless receiver and displays the screen of your laptop on the TV.

6. Netflix on KODI

Are you an acute entertainment addict who has KODI to watch channels from all over the world? Do you have dozens of add-ons on your list?

Well add one for Netflix too, so you can have all your entertainment choices on one platform. It is an amazing dedicated add-on for KODI which offers you unrestricted content.

KODI is an open source platform so we recommend you to use a KODI VPN along with it to secure you from any vulnerabilities.

7. Binge with Friends Using Rabbit

Any long distance love birds out there? Don’t want to watch your favorite shows without your significant other or friends? Download Rabbit.

The software allows you to video chat while you and the other person watch a show simultaneously. It is not as good as having them by your side but something is better than nothing.

Wrapping up!

Hopefully, the tips and tricks that I have mentioned above will help you and make your Netflix experience more advanced and enhanced!

These tips aren’t so common so consider yourself lucky that you landed on this page filled with a hidden chest of absolutely amazing hacks.

Top Featured Photo: Charles Deluvio
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