The most anticipated Augmented Reality Glasses; Facebook’s upcoming technology is yet to be introduced to the public

In 2017, Facebook revealed a patent for it’s much anticipated technology, the augmented reality (AR) glasses.

Facebook has said that an estimate of 5 to 7 years is left until the final product can be revealed. This time they hinted the viewers a little more then what was already in the news.

A critical structure and working technique of the AR glasses has been discussed. It has been told that the glasses would work under the phenomenon of cartilage conduction audio system (CCAS). The glasses would use sensors to help you detect sound around you.

The previous technology of headphones uses bone conduction system but the glasses would utilize CCAS. The later is assumed to be more comfortable and reliable than the former.

Facebook aims for this product to be worn for an extend time limit. The user would be able to hear sound alongside of interacting with the world. The key element is that Facebook will be able to deliver sound without disturbing the ambient noise pollution around us. They’re working hard to develop something that would be safe and user friendly.

VR and AR researchers at Facebook have not yet responded for a comment but the company has spoken publicly about their progress at multiple events.

A new patent unveils more information about Facebook's AR glasses
Photo: Facebook.

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