Facebook Introduces "Protected Comments" Mode for Live Streams!

It’s a well-known fact that over the past couple of years, Facebook has found itself getting into one trouble after the other. Recently, the Social Media Giant was under fire for the presence of hateful, violence, extremism and abusive content on the platform. Facebook assured everyone that it would be becoming more proactive in monitoring the content posted.

Well, it looks like Facebook is actually taking this matter very seriously as according to Social Media Consultant Matt Navarra, the Social Networking Company is testing a “Protected” option for its Comment modes on live video streams. Navarra tweeted a screenshot as well where the Protected option can be seen along with other options i.e. Followers, Slow, Discussion and Restricted.

If the Protected mode is selected, only those users would be able to comment on a live video who follow the streamer, and have been doing so for at least 15 minutes.

Although it’s appreciable that Facebook is taking steps to battle the hate on platform, many users believe that this move would not be too effective.

Additionally, it seems like for the time being, the mode will only be available for the desktop version on Facebook as Navarra confirmed that it has not made its way to the iOS app yet. No word on whether Android has this option widely available or not.

Therefore, it will be interesting to see how this mode plays its role in making the Social Networking platform less toxic and how Facebook considers its users’ feedback. Stay tuned for further developments in this story!

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