Instagram Will Soon Introduce New Guidelines For Removal of Accounts Upon Violation

Instagram is literally going for the kill if someone violates its rules for content again just like Alex Jones or other-far right extremists. The executives are now considering new reforms in the policies related to account removal and it’s about time that every single user should become more careful about their posts on the leading media sharing service, in the near future.

Previously there has been enough talk about how the current policy of Instagram that allows its users a certain percentage of violations for a considerable amount of time before the ban gets imposed onto them. The more posts an account had, the more number of violations were allowed to it.

As this was giving more leniency to influencers who post very often, the upcoming guidelines include a sudden shift in how Instagram will determine whether the account should be removed from the app or not.

According to the changes proposed, accounts will now get removed without any specifications on the amount of violations or window of time. The new policy will stand same for every user and it will have nothing to do with how often one posts on the platform.

The executives of the company further said that the decision to hide the exact number of strikes and given time frame is taken off just because they want bad actors to stop taking advantage of the system, that currently creates all the problems.

By doing so, Instagram is also of the belief that the new set of rules will ensure that the community guidelines on the platform are being followed consistently. However, there hasn’t been any confirmation about when the additions will roll out.

Apart from that Instagram also revealed that in the upcoming days it will also allow users to appeal against any such post which gets taken down due to violation or any particular conflict against the content policy. Are we inching towards a more safe Instagram? Only time will tell.

Instagram will soon introduce new set of rules for banning accounts and user
Photo: REUTERS / Thomas White

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