Colorize Beta, To Add Colors to Black And White Photos, Will Soon Be Available

In Google, I/O 2018, Colorize feature was introduced for Google Photos by the company. The feature showed at last year's annual developer conference was capable of converting old black and white photo into colored image.

Currently, it takes a human effort to add colors to black and white photos, individually to each object in the picture. However, this coloring feature, which gave hope to add color with ease, is not yet made available.

Complete silence on this was pointed out in an article by Mashable, in response to which David Lieb, product lead, tweeted regarding the use of feature. He showed how he added color to his 104-years old grandfather’s wedding photograph.

The only drawback had been that Colorize added a clumsy color tone to pants of grandfather, giving it a little pinkish shade instead of white. Plus, the skin tone shades has also been scattered to irrelevant parts of the photo.

After making it evident that Google has not forgotten about the feature, Lieb said that it is expected that soon beta version will have Colorize feature, though no exact date is given.

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