Thousands of Users’ Private Information Exposed by Another Flaw in Instagram

Thousands of Instagram users’ contact details have been exposed by the website of Instagram from many weeks, as discovered by a security researcher.

Data scientist and business consultant, David Stier found out that when a user’s profile is loaded in a web browser, its source code has the email address and phone number of the user. Though it is not the case with all users, only some are affected.

According to Cnet, the mobile app of Instagram allows users to display their contact information on their profiles but this feature was not available for website version.

The affected accounts belong to brands, businesses, and common individuals. Instagram was also informed by Stier about the issue in February, and the platform in March issued the patch.

Hackers can easily scrap the data from the source code of the site, said Stier. They may compile the database consisting of Instagram users’ contact details.

There are chances that data already have been looted. According to reports early this week, millions of Instagram influencers, brands and celebrities contact information was leaked online.

The databased leaked includes the public information, like profile pictures, number of followers, bio, as well as users, contact numbers and email IDs.

Chtrbox, a Mumbai-based marketing company that collaborates with Instagram influencers for paid content, was among the first ones to upload the database. The information of influencers that did not ever work with the firm was also part of the database.

Chtrbox while clarifying said that none of the information shared was private neither fetched unethically.

Facebook took an action and stated that they are investigating the matter and trying to figure out how Chtrbox got hold of the data and uploaded it publicly.

The same privacy issue was faced by Instagram in August 2017 when Instagram’s API bug let hackers steal information of celebrities and influencers.

Thousands of Users’ Private Information Exposed by Another Flaw in Instagram

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