Instagram War Against the Algorithm Is Challenging Social Media Norms

Instagram has gained popularity due to multiple reasons but who would have thought a multibillion-dollar company will be scammed by its own users every day via different methods. After the first launch of Instagram everybody thought, it was just another social media network where you can share pictures are videos, but soon everything changed. From business companies to startups, politicians, actors, influencers, sports stars, Instagram is a whole different world where people sell their talents, companies market their products and worth is estimated on the basis of likes, shares and follows.

Soon after Instagram developed into a hub where people started using it for marketing, another business world took over. The shortcut world, where companies started offering fake followers, fake likes, fake shares, and fake accounts to help people achieve their goal. Facebook bought Instagram and made an algorithm where people with more followers and more likes will be given preference, that’s where the real war against the algorithm begins. You can become an Instagram influencer within minutes if you know where to spend your money and how to use these fake followers. Now, you don’t have to go to a place to get pictures, you can just fake it. Fake travel vlogs (with the help of editing tools), fake events, fake birthdays and even fake relationships, everything is available in the Instagram world. To expose this cheat sheet people have long been highlighting the ways, but it appears that exposing these ways are rather working as trail lights where people can follow and fake everything.

In an attempt to expose all these unethical methods, Instagram influencer, and star Gabbie Hanna faked a Coachella trip to explain how easy it is to cheat people via Instagram. To further explain the process, Trey Ratcliff, a famous photographer wrote a book explaining easy ways to become a fake social media influencer. In an attempt to cater to the problem of fake followers, Facebook recently launched a lawsuit against a New-Zealand based company that offers fake like, followers, shares and other services.

To get a detailed insight into everything, a documentary exposing all the cheating tricks was recently released. The documentary was made by VPRO Extra where they explore the inside world of Instagram I influencers and ways to become an Instagram influencer in no time.

"This documentary is a cross-media research into the economy that has emerged since Instagram has been established: sometimes creative and innovative, but sometimes also very shadowy.", explained Vpro extra team.

Featured photo: Jeremy Levin

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