Google Promotes Digital Wellbeing With New Features

As people start to spend more and more time on the internet, big tech companies like Google and Facebook have been criticized for not focusing enough on digital wellbeing. The internet has quickly become the main space where we tend to spend the majority of our time, and so digital wellbeing should certainly be a priority for big name companies that are working in this particular field.

Google released a bunch of digital wellbeing features last year including a do not disturb mode, and features that allowed you to track how much you were using certain apps. They are expanding this digital wellbeing suite by incorporating what is being referred to as a “Focus Mode” into the mix. This focus mode will allow you to directly disable apps that you find to be taking up too much of your attention, without cutting you off from the useful information that you might want to get from these apps.

A good example of how this app can be used is that you will be able to turn off notifications from social media apps but leave other forms of communication such as texting on, so that people can still reach you if there is some kind of an emergency that needs to be dealt with.

Family Link is another feature that has been added to the digital wellbeing suite, allowing parents to monitor more closely what their young child is doing on the internet. This is essential for the protection of children online, since predators and malicious actors are known to use the internet for their various misdeeds.

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  1. This app acts like a virus. You cant remove it, it uses massive amounts of ram at all killing performance and even with permsions turned off it still sucks small amounts of data 24/7

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