Google Search to improve news coverage, support for podcast search coming soon

At the annual developer’s conference, Google announced several upgrades for its products and services. One of them was enhancing the news coverage of its News Console.

The Google News, “Full Coverage” feature was introduced last year. At the Google I/O, CEO Sundar Pichai announced that the same feature will now be available on Google Search as well. Additionally, the company is planning to index podcasts alongside the Google Search feature.
"Let's take an example if you search for black hole we'll surface the relevant top news it was in the news recently, we use machine learning to identify different types of stories and give you a complete picture of how a story is being reported from a wide variety of sources.", announced Sundar Pichai CEO Google at I/O 2019 event.
The Google News vertical got an upgrade last year with an AI-powered redesign. This enabled the readers to get a more holistic view of a news story.

Sundar Pichai explained that the company is using artificial intelligence to identify different stories and collaborate them in one piece to provide users with a complete picture along with a timeline of events. The feature will soon come to Google Search as well.

The company also announced that it would begin indexing podcasts so the search engine can surface relevant episodes of a given program – on the basis of its content and not just the title. Moreover, the users would be able to listen to the podcasts right from the Google Search result pages and even save them for later listening.

Support for podcast search coming soon in Google

However, the company did not reveal much information regarding the updates and whether it would add any analytics service for the podcasters to enhance their experience.

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